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Here you can learn about our company as well as about our woollen products such as blankets, knitting wool, handmade sweaters and industrial yarn. All our products are made out of Icelandic wool,  the advantages of which you can find here as well.


We have made quite a few knitting books throughout the years, we have listed them all for your convenience,  together with information on their content. You can find the knitting books in well assorted yarn shops. Have a look at our list of shops and you will be able to find a shop close to you.


We hope that you will enjoy browsing through our home page.



Istex 20th Anniversary  

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary we got Védís Jónsdótti, knitting designer to design a sweater for us as a gift to all Lopi knitters.  


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Afmæli (Icelandic word for Anniversary)

























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