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Comment / Errata / Addendum

5 - Rökkur

Page 10, line 6:
of chart1) => 53 (79, 103) sts. Finish the pattern and cont with col A:

Size XS/S: k0 rnds => 53 sts.

Size M: k1 rnd and dec by 15 sts evenly spaced over rnd, k1 rnd (total of 2 rnds) => 64 sts.
Size L/XL: k1 rnd and dec by 19 sts evenly spaced over rnd, k1 rnd, k1 rnd and dec by 19 sts again evenly spaced over rnd, k1 rnd (total of 4 rnds) => 65 sts.

Next rnd (all sizes): dec by 5 (12, 11) sts evenly spaced over rnd => 48 (52, 54) sts. Bind off

10 - Hringstrandir


No yarn specified

The shawl is made of Einband - 50 gr balls

18 - Kleópatra



Text still in Icelandic

Yfirvídd = Chest

Lengd á bol að handvegi = Length to underarm

Ermalengd að handvegi = Sleeve length to underarm

19 - Tónar


When shoulder seams have been sewn:

Sew in sleeves and note that edges of the slid at the top of the sleeve are sewn to the bindoff edge in armpit.


23- Vor


Second line from bottom "bottom of right front, sc along..." 

Should read left front



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